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High John the Conqueror Root

Herbs have always been an integral part of the Witch’s craft.  First known in ancient times by the name ”pharmakis”  this connection denotes a long relationship between the witch and herb craft. One of the staples of a witch’s herbal cupboard is and should be High John Root.  High John the Conqueror (pronounced “conker”) is known by many names: Hi John, John the Conqueror, King Root, Man Root, Bindweed, King of the Woods, and Man of the Earth.

High John is a bulbous brown root with what some say is a pleasant earthy aroma but I tend to think it is a rather pungent earthy aroma.  Either fragrance has an interesting effect when inhaled.  The root has been related to the root of Ipomoea Jalapa.  The Ipomoea is a species related to the morning glory and the sweet potato. High John has been a fundamental part of African-American folk magic and a basic root used in witchcraft as well.

The root offers a multitude of uses as a component in the preparing of mojo bags, incense, oils and powders.  It is a root reported to enhance personal empowerment, overcome obstacles, gain personal mastery, and add strength to endeavors of request such as business, love, prosperity.