Election 2022: Find out who filed for Maple Grove area offices


MAPLE GROVE, MN — Ballots for the Aug. 9 primary in Maple Grove will include races contested for multiple offices in the state, although other races in the region do not require a primary, according to application files.

All candidates who want to appear on primary and electoral ballots later this year had to file signatures by May 31 with the office of the Minnesota secretary of state.

governor’s race
Gov. Tim Walz is seeking re-election alongside Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan and will face competition for the Democratic-Farmer-Worker Party nomination in the primary from Ole Savior and Julia M. Parker, who also ran filed as DFL candidates for these offices.

Former state senator Scott Jensen — who won the Republican Party’s endorsement at his convention last month — picked former Minnesota Vikings player Matt Birk as his running mate. They will face primary competition from two groups of candidates.

Joyce Lacey and Kent Edwards have asked to run together, while Bob “Again” Carney Jr. has named Captain Jack Sparrow as running mate, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office.

Steve Patterson and Matt Huff are running for the Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis party nomination for governor against Darrell Paulsen and Ed Engelmann, while James McCaskel and David Sandbeck face competition from Chris Wright and LC Lawrence Converse for the nomination for governor. Legal Marijuana Now party.

Minnesota Executive Offices
Outgoing Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon faces a primary challenge from Steve Carlson for the DFL nomination in his re-election race, while Kim Crockett and Erik van Mechelen face off on August 9 for the nomination of the Republican Party.

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Bill Dahn is challenging incumbent Attorney General Keith Ellison in the DFL primary on August 9, and Jim Schultz, Doug Wardlow and Sharon Anderson have filed for the post in the Republican primary election.

Schultz won the Republican Party’s endorsement last month, but faces a challenge from Wardlow – general counsel for MyPillow and friend of its founder, Mike Lindell – who reneged on his promise not to run in the primary if he did. he was not getting approval.

United States House of Representatives
There will be no primary election in the race to represent Minnesota’s third congressional district, which includes Maple Grove.

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US Representative Holder dean phillips was the only DFL candidate to drop signatures to appear on the November 8 ballots, while Tom Weiller was the only Republican candidate to file, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office.

Minnesota Legislature
There will also be no primary elections in the Maple Grove-area races for seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate.

Maple Grove was split between House Districts 34A and 34B for the past decade, but the city will now be in House Districts 37A and 37B until the redistricting is again completed in 2032.

According to filings, two incumbent state representatives from the Maple Grove area will not face major challengers in their re-election campaigns for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

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