Getting financing, the dilemma begins

Oddly enough, funding can be obtained almost always while looking for enough and is willing to accept certain conditions, less advantageous than those offered by the usual means, such as banks. So if you need money to expand your business, leave a season of losses or simply start a new project, in the following lines, from The Quick Money , we show you several of the available options. Advertising

If you can not get financing, through a loan, in any bank to find you in RAI, ASNEF or any other reason, the options that we have left are in the mini credits, fast loans and some mortgage loans and home loans. pawns This type of quick credits help us to get money , for example, from 50 euros, 400 euros , or up to 10,000 euros in just a few hours and without having to provide too much documentation. In the same way that if you are an entrepreneur, we recommend you visit the article loans for self-employed entrepreneurs .

But first of all: how to know if I am in ASNEF or RAI?

If you are not sure to appear on one of these delinquent lists, just send an email to or call the numbers   91 768 76 00 or 91 556 20 11. They will tell you exactly what information to provide for the consultation. Of course, it is only free to consult the data in ASNEF, to consult those of any other person must be partners and pay a monthly fee.

Getting financing is possible

The financiers associated with fast money offer us financing with mini-credits of up to 1000 euros , which we must return in a maximum of 30 days in a single installment. These credits can be paid only once in any of these ways: with our credit or debit card, by transfer or by directly entering the money into a company account through an ATM or a teller. The interests are very high, being approximately 35%, a percentage justified by the risk assumed by the company. In the event that we are not included in delinquency lists such as the RAI or the ASNEF, the percentage of interest will decrease considerably, but it is rare that it will decrease by 15% or 20%.   As we can imagine, getting financing with this type of credit, are recommended in specific cases, in which we have to pay outstanding bills, suppliers or make urgent repairs in the business, since we can also have the money in about 48 hours as much.

In the case of quick loans of up to 5,000 euros, conditions are more difficult. If we have a house or other property that we can put as collateral, there are usually no problems when they grant us a quick loan of this kind. But if we do not offer any guarantee of payment such as a house or car, they will not grant us the loan if it is more than 1,000 euros, especially if our debt is with a bank. If instead the debt is with a utility company such as electricity, water, a supplier that we have not paid or a telephone bill, if we have the option to get it. In addition, they will ask us to justify a regular income in an account, a payroll, government assistance … anything that certifies that we have regular income. Once again, the problems with this type of loans are that the interest is high, and especially the delay costs, which can raise the interest on the loan up to 100%, depending on the company and the unpaid installments.

Advertising In the event that we have placed a property as collateral, we could lose it if we do not pay, or get legal action (which can, for example, freeze the account) if we have not made a guarantee. Therefore, these credits are recommended only in situations in which we are very sure of being able to return the loans in their time, which can be in monthly payments of up to 1 year. Especially when it comes to putting a home as collateral for a credit of 2,000 or 5,000 euros, is a dangerous bet, so we must resort to it only as a last resort or as an alternative plan when we urgently need a way to find financing for our projects.

On the other hand, mortgage loans are a possibility in the event that we need a considerable amount of money, from 10,000 to 100,000 euros, but we will have to put a home as collateral, although it is not necessary to have a payroll or guarantee. The interest or TAE that is applied here is about 10%, much lower in the case of mini-credits and quick loans, but we must bear in mind that the longer we take to repay the loan, the higher the interest rate will rise. As we are allowed to return the credit in 10 or 15 years, and also take more time to receive the money. The limitation here is that you need to have assets before asking for the loan and that it is much more complex, everything is a process, having to resort even to notaries and others. These types of credits are only recommended in extreme cases and in which the amount of money needed is very high, since there is a lot of risk that we run when putting our own home into play.

Finally, we have the loans that we can get in companies and pawnshops, especially cars. There are companies that allow us to pawn the car without having to stop using it for amounts between € 50 and € 15,000. There are also others in which we can pawn jewelry, gold, silver and other valuable objects. The interests in this case vary from 0-1% to 10% depending on the company. The time to repay the loan is usually 12 months, being able to increase in case of not being able to pay it until another year maximum.

Of course, as in the case of mortgage loans, we risk losing our objects, which are usually sold in auctions if we take too long to return the money owed. In many of these “pawnshops” we will have a deadline to return the money and recover what we have put as collateral, until the same day of the auction of the object.

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