Where to finance the purchase of a motorcycle

Are you looking for credit to buy a motorcycle? Find here all the information you need

Then we offer you a consultation that one of our users sent us regarding financing to buy a motorcycle. If this is also your case, look no further: we tell you the main options you have at your disposal to get a credit or loan motorcycle.

First, we leave you with the email that Luis sends us, to which we greatly appreciate your query:

“How to finance a motorcycle?” 

“I’m Luis from Badalona and I’m looking for options to finance a motorcycle. I am currently driving to work, but in order to move around the city more comfortably (I spend too much time looking for parking) I want to buy a motorcycle.

The fact is that currently I do not have enough money to buy it at once, and I want to finance the purchase to pay little by little. I have looked at several second-hand models, so I need € 2,500. I have been working for several months, so I have payroll and no outstanding debt.

How do I finance a motorcycle? A greeting!”

Motorcycle credit: Platforms where to get it

After consulting Luis, we will see below what are the financial ones in which we can currently find a motorcycle loan:

Younited Credit

Click to go to the Younited Credit tab

  • Quantity: From € 1,000 to € 40,000
  • Refund: From 24 and up to 72 months
  • APR of 6.95% and up
  • Do not accept applications with ASNEF
  • Without endorsement


Click to go to the Creditea tab

  • Quantity: From € 500 to € 5,000
  • Refund: From 61 days to 31 months
  • Minimum APR from 42.41%
  • Accepts applications with ASNEF
  • You do not need a guarantor


Click to go to the Zaplo tab

  • Amount: From 300 to 2500 € (although it has a maximum of 800 € in our 1st application)
  • Refund: Up to a maximum of 24 months
  • No need for endorsement
  • Accepts ASNEF (although it depends on the origin and amount of the debt)

As we can see, we have three different options through which we can get credits for motorcycles: Younited Credit , Creditea and Zaplo .

Each of these platforms offer us different alternatives that may interest us depending on our case. If for example, we are looking for financing to buy a new bike, we have the Younited Credit service through which we can get the most money. Advertising

In the opposite case, as proposed by our user Luis, if we are thinking about buying a second hand motorcycle and therefore we need to access a motorcycle loan for lower amounts , we have the service that both Creditea and Zaplo offer us.

Can I finance a motorcycle with ASNEF?

After seeing what are the main platforms through which we can get a motorcycle loan, we may be wondering if it is possible to finance motorcycle with ASNEF.

As we have already seen, in two of the three entities that we have proposed, we find that having entries in listings associated with late payment is not an exclusive requirement to be able to carry out the application successfully. However, we must bear in mind that in both cases the following conditions have to be met:

  • That our debt does not come directly from another financial platform
  • That the default does not exceed an amount determined by the entity itself (the total, will vary depending on the financial we have chosen)

In the event that the debt we have listed in the file (if you do not know if you are signed up, you can read our post How to know if I am in ASNEF ) meet these two characteristics, we will be able to obtain financing for motorcycle with ASNEF without major problems , although always keeping in mind that if we want to opt for larger amounts of money, we will have to pay the non-payment for which we are listed within these listings.

Once we have fulfilled the debt that we have pending reimbursement, we can proceed to request any type of financing that we need without limitations, given that once the debt disappears, there is no record of this.

Therefore, if we want a motorcycle loan with ASNEF we must know that the amounts we can choose will be lower than those that can opt, for example, the profiles that do not have outstanding defaults. Therefore, this type of financing with ASNEF is more focused on acquiring second-hand motorcycles. If you see fit, we have prepared for you a selection of the best known micro loans with ASNEF (click to go)

Loans for motorcycles: What documentation will I need?

The platforms through which we can currently obtain credits for motorcycles are financial entities that offer financing solutions for what we need. In this way, when managing the entire process we must know that the documentation that we will be required to carry out the process, is as simple as the one we are used to find within the sector, which stands out for its Quick management, no questions and without having to deal with a lot of paperwork.

Therefore, it does not matter that we are interested in buying a basic and economic motorcycle or in obtaining a loan for high-capacity motorcycles . The application process and the documentation that we will need, is practically the same for both cases.

However, it is important that we bear in mind that the greater the amount of money we are going to request, the greater the probabilities that we need to provide more documentation.

Generally, when it comes to managing credits for motorcycles, the documentation that we will need to provide is the following:

  1. A copy of our ID or NIE
  2. A proof of income. It must be a source of income that is both regular and officially justifiable. As an example, we find payroll, pension, self-employed or unemployment benefits.
  3. An extract from our bank account. In this way, we will be able to verify both that we are the owners of the account in which the loan is going to be made for motorcycles that we are going to request, as well as all the information related to the current account.

Is it possible to get bikes financed without interest?

Now that we know which are the main entities in which we can find the service for which our user Luis asked us throughout his query, we will discuss another aspect related to this service: the possibility of obtaining a motorcycle loan without interests

A credit without interest is a financial service through which we can get a certain amount of money, without having to pay commissions for the service. Therefore, it becomes a very interesting offer at the moment in which it appears in a situation like the one proposed by our user in his email, in search of a motorcycle financial.

If we are interested in getting a motorcycle financed without interest, we must know that it is a service that is more usual to find through consumer loans that we can obtain in places such as dealerships , or specialized motor stores. This type of financing is focused on incentivizing consumption, allowing us to obtain very competitive offers when financing purchases for important amounts of money, just as it is in the case of a motorcycle.

In this way, if we want to obtain a motorcycle loan without interest in the private financial companies that we have proposed at the top of this entry, we must take into account that they do not have this promotion as an available option, and all platforms have interests applied to the service.

Therefore, if we want to obtain, for example, a loan for a motorcycle without having to pay interest, our main option will be to look for offers through the motorcycle buying and selling companies, where it will be more likely that we will be able to obtain credits. with more advantageous conditions.

In the opposite case, if we are interested in obtaining a loan to finance a used motorcycle our options are more limited, since we have the alternatives proposed by the financial entities, allowing us to pay the cost of the motorcycle in a single payment, and go back in monthly payments the amount of money that has been borrowed from us.

In short, credits for motorcycles financed without interest are perfectly possible, although in most cases they are not available in private lending platforms, and we will have to go to specialized dealers. Usually free fast credits (without interest on the first loan) only reach up to € 300, which is far from the budget usually required by a motorcycle, even if it is a modest one.

How to finance a used motorcycle?

We continue with our ticket to know the answer to the question: How can I finance a used motorcycle?

As we have seen, we have different alternatives when looking for financing to buy motorcycles. However, when it comes to obtaining money to buy a second-hand motorcycle , our options are more limited, having to choose private platforms that allow us to return in monthly installments the total cost of the motorcycle.

These entities are perfectly adequate when obtaining financing for any type of second-hand vehicle, since normally when we carry out this type of consumption we do not have financing options available, given that they are generally made directly between individuals.

In this way we have that if we want a credit for a used motorcycle, we can opt for the options proposed by the entities of which we spoke earlier: Younited Credit, Creditea and Zaplo.

According to the type of motorcycle that we want to buy, and of course, considering that although generally a used motorcycle will always cost less than a new one, we must know that at present we have available financing that reaches large quantities, with maximum that they offer us up to € 40,000.

Therefore, if we want to know where to finance a second-hand motorcycle, we just have to look at the main features proposed by the aforementioned entities, and see which one best suits what we need.

How to buy a financed motorcycle?

If we are clear that we want to opt for the purchase of financed motorcycles and we want to know how the whole process works through a private finance company, then we will explain step by step everything we need to know.

The first step when we think “I want to buy a financed motorcycle” is, of course, to locate a model that interests us , to make an approximate calculation of the amount of money we will need to finance it.

In this way we can begin to see which platforms are of interest to us, and to see in broad strokes both the interests that the financing will have, as well as the amount of time that we will have to pay the monthly payments.

Once we have this clear point, if we want to know how to finance a motorcycle, we must bear in mind that it is as easy and simple as requesting any other loan service to a private entity.

In the first place, we will have to locate the platform that best suits our needs, both in terms of reimbursement and quantities to be granted.

When we have found the entity that best suits us, we will have to access its web platform and enter the amount to request, as well as the term of months that we want to finance the payments. Automatically we can see how the approximate interests of the operation are calculated through your credit simulator and know the total that will cost us, for example, finance 125 motorcycle.

If we agree with the total expenses generated by the purchase of a motorbike financed through this method , we will simply have to fill out an online form in which our main personal data will be collected. These are necessary so that the entity itself can verify our identity, and verify that all the information that we have provided is correct.

When we have finished filling out this form with our data, we will have to attach the documentation required by the entity. Normally, these are documents as basic as our DNI or NIE , a proof of income, or a bank statement.

Finally, we will only have to send all the documents and wait for the response from the entity, which in a matter of minutes will inform us if the financing for motorcycles that we have requested has been approved.

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