CCM and Randolph to offer college courses to high school students


RANDOLPH, NJ – The County College of Morris (CCM) and the Randolph School District today signed a dual enrollment agreement that will give high school students the opportunity to begin their graduate studies earlier.

Through this partnership, CCM will provide a pathway for students at Randolph High School to start earning college credit in their high school. The program is aligned with the vision of the New Jersey office of the secretary of higher education to provide students with early exposure to college.

To begin with, the CCM will offer students at Randolph High School the opportunity to take a general psychology course with identical content to the course offered at the CCM at half the cost of the county tuition fee. Currently, this works out to $ 68.50 per credit, plus fees, for Randolph students. As the program develops, other college-level courses will be offered.

The program, named Titans Express, will begin in January. College level classes in high school will be taught by teachers from Randolph High School working in conjunction with CCM teachers. Through the program, participating students will also have access to CCM resources, such as the library, tutoring services, and academic advice.

“We are delighted to enter into this agreement to provide Randolph students with the opportunity to begin college early and start earning credit toward a degree,” said Dr. Anthony J. Iacono, CCM President. “Early exposure to college means students can begin exploring areas of interest earlier so they can better determine the academic and professional path they want to take. “

“One of our missions at Randolph is to foster innovation. To achieve this vision, we strive to create an exemplary learning community that prepares students to excel in a complex, interconnected and changing world, ”said Jennifer Fano, Randolph School District Superintendent. “Successful college education is one of the many avenues that students can explore to become the responsible, capable and progressive world leaders that we know they can be. Our partnership with the CCM improves student accessibility to higher education. CCM’s rich history of academic excellence in Morris County has left an indelible impact on the lives of thousands of students. I am grateful for the partnership and the opportunity for students to take college courses while enrolled in Randolph High School.

“I am delighted that we continue to improve our bond with the CCM,” said Dr. Deborah L. Iosso, Principal of Randolph High School. “Our students can only take advantage of the work we do to give them more college-level opportunities right in their own backyards. The CCM faculty and staff have been wonderful working with them and I look forward to building a productive relationship for the benefit of our students. “

Credit hours earned by students will be applied to the corresponding CCM certificate or associate’s degree program if students decide to enroll in college. College credits may also apply to their high school graduation requirements or to bachelor’s degree programs offered at four-year institutions.

To apply for the program, parents and guardians must first complete the CCM Challenger Program Application Form for High School Students. The application can be downloaded from This application should then be submitted to the CCM admissions office or Randolph High School.

CCM currently offers the Titans Express program at Mt. Olive High School and plans to expand it to other high schools in Morris County. Additionally, at Titans Express, CCM offers several other programs for high school students. To view these programs, visit


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