Christian Service University College Courses and Endpoints 2020/21


Christian Service University College (CSUC) is a higher education institution based in the Ashanti region of Ghana, Kumasi. He is dedicated to excellence in research, learning and teaching to develop world leaders in various disciplines. To be admitted to this institution, you must meet the minimum requirements of the CSUC courses and also the cut-off points.

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The Ghana National Accreditation Council accredits the programs offered at CSUC. Here’s what you need to know about courses, thresholds, fees, and how to apply.

Christian Service University College Programs

If you want to take a course in theology, information science, humanity, business or liberal arts, the CSUC is the best institution to enroll in. In addition to accessing a quality education, you will also learn Christian ways. The programs offered at university include:

Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

  • B.Sc. Breastfeeding
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Physician Assistant Studies
  • B.Sc. Obstetrics

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Faculty of Human Sciences

  • BA in Communication Studies
  • BA theology with administration
  • BA Planning and Development

Business school

  • BAA Accounting
  • BBA Banking and Finance
  • BBA Human Resources Management
  • BAA Marketing

Postgraduate programs

  • Master of Arts Christian Ministry with management program.
  • Master’s program in accounting and financial sciences.
  • Master of Science in Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Master of Science in Business Planning.

Christian Service University College cut-points and minimum requirements

University College of Christian Service
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Before applying for any of the courses listed above, you must at least meet the stated requirements. They include the following:

Mature candidates

  • you have to be 25 years or above.
  • You should be able to produce evidence to prove your age. This can be your birth certificate, driver’s license, national identity card or passport.
  • You must pass the entrance exam and interview.

Postgraduate course

  • You must have a first degree in related disciplines.
  • The degree must come from an accredited institution.
  • You should not be below the lower 2nd class division.
  • A minimum of two years of experience is required for the MSc. Monitoring and evaluation.
  • For theology classes, you need some experience as a church worker, leader, evangelist, Sunday school teacher, and administrator.
  • Applicants for the Department of Theology and Masters in Accounting and Finance may be required to attend an interview.

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Admission requirements to Christian Service University College for SSSCE holders

  • Applicants need credits in three main subjects. For all three subjects, you must not have grades lower than D or C6. That is, math, English and integrated science or social studies.
  • You also need credits in three relevant electives.
  • Your overall score should not exceed 24.

Undergraduate Course Requirements for West African Upper Secondary Exam Candidates

  • Credits in three main subjects: English, Mathematics and Integrated Sciences / Social Studies.
  • Pass in three subjects of your choice.
  • Your overall score should not exceed 36.

Undergraduate course requirements for degree holders

  • An FGPA of 3.0 or better is required.
  • The diploma must come from a recognized institution.
  • If the NAB recognizes the degree, you may be admitted to level 100.
  • You should also have five passes in GCE, WASSCE or SSSCE. They include basic math, basic English, basic integrated science, agricultural science or social studies.

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WAEC, ABCE and GBCE candidates

  • You need five passes in relevant GBCE subjects and three more passes from ABCE, one of the passes must be grade D or better.
  • You must present the GBCE and ABCE passes.

HND holders

  • You should at least have a lower second class division.
  • Your HND must come from related disciplines.
  • It should also come from an institution accredited by the NAB.
  • If you qualify, you will be admitted to level 200.

International applicants with general education certificate

  • Five credits at level O including mathematics and English.
  • Three passes in level A
  • Another passage in any general paper

Candidates transferred from another institution

University College of Christian Service
Students of the Christian Service University College choir sing. Photo: @CSUCGHANA
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  • You must already be enrolled as a regular student in any bachelor’s degree course.
  • The university must be recognized.
  • You must have studied at least one year at the institution.
  • You must present the academic records and the names of two references.
  • An e-voucher
  • Copies of all your necessary documents
  • Details of results and institutions in which you studied.
  • A passport size photo which must be in JPG format.

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Christian Service University College Admission Form Submission Criteria

Before submitting a document, you must have attached the following copies:

  • Two recent photos of you in passport format
  • Certified copies of your results slips, certificates and other relevant documents.
  • A certified true copy of your birth certificate, driver’s license, baptismal certificate, national identity card or any other document that can prove your identity and age.
  • Letter of recommendation from the employer if you are an adult employee candidate.

If you submit false information or copies, your request will be rejected immediately. Completed forms should be sent to the following address:

The clerk,

University College of Christian Service,

P.O. Box KS 3110,


Christian Service University College Fees

You will pay the following amounts for a throughout the academic year (2 semesters) for the courses listed below:

Ghanaian students

  • Business Administration – GHC. 4,137.00
  • Nursing – GHC. 5,944.00
  • Nursing supplement – GHC. 4,962.00
  • Medical Assistantship – GHC. 6,072.00
  • Complement of assistantship to the doctor – GHC. 6,824.00
  • Midwife – GHC. 5,977.00
  • Computer Science – GHC. 4,138.00
  • Information Technology – GHC. 4,138.00
  • Communication Studies – GHC. 4,263.00
  • Ba Planning and Social Development – GHC. 4,200.00
  • Bed. Basic education – GHC. 3,879.00
  • Bed. Early Childhood Education – GHC. 3,879.00
  • BA Theology with Administration – GHC. 3,131.00
  • BA Theology with Administration (Sandwich) – GHC. 3,131.00
  • MA Christian Ministry with Management – GHC. 5,938.00
  • M.Sc. Accounting and Finance – GHC. 8,927.00
  • M.Sc. Monitoring and Evaluation – GHC. 9,658.00
  • M.Sc. Business Planning – GHC. 9,059.00

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Foreign students

  • Business Administration – $ 1,611.00
  • Nursing – $ 2,228.00
  • Nursing supplement – $ 1,896.00
  • Physician Assistantship – $ 2,271.00
  • Physician assistantship supplement – $ 2,525.00
  • Computer Science – $ 1,575.00
  • Information Technology – $ 1,575.00
  • Communication Studies – $ 1,654.00
  • BA Social Planning and Development – $ 1,632.00
  • Bed. Basic education – $ 1,524.00
  • Bed. Early Childhood Education – $ 1,524.00
  • BA Theology with administration – $ 1,279.00
  • BA Theology with Administration (Sandwich) – $ 1,279.00
  • MA Christian Ministry with Management – $ 2,225.00
  • M.Sc. Accounting and Finance – $ 3,234.00
  • M.Sc. Monitoring and Evaluation – $ 3,481.00
  • M.Sc. Business Planning – $ 3,278.00


The third semester will attract the following amounts for Ghanaian students:

  • MA Christian Ministry with Management – GHC. 1370.00
  • M.Sc. Accounting and Finance – GHC. 1,991.00
  • M.Sc. Monitoring and Evaluation – GHC. 2,275.00
  • M.Sc. Business Planning – GHC. 2,096.00

International students will pay the following for the third semester:

  • MA Christian Ministry with Management – $ 518.00
  • M.Sc. Accounting and Finance – $ 768.00
  • M.Sc. Monitoring and Evaluation – $ 823.00
  • M.Sc. Business Planning – $ 812.00

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Christian Service University College Contacts

University College of Christian Service
Main campus of Christian Service University College. Photo: @CSUCGHANA
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If you have any questions or encounter technical issues during the application, contact us through:

General contacts

  • Physical address: Ashanti region, Kumasi, Ghana.
  • Address: PO Box 3110, Kumasi, Ghana
  • E-mail:
  • Phone 1: +233 (0) -3220-28781
  • Phone 2: +233 (0) -3220-39258
  • Phone 3: +233 (0) -501-500-302

Technical support

  • Phone 1: +233 20 182 8688
  • Phone 2: +233 (0) -3220-28781
  • E-mail:

CSUC is one of the few universities in Ghana to train its students not only in academic and professional excellence, but also in Christian values ​​and principles. If you meet the minimum requirements for Christian Service University College courses and the cut-off point, do not hesitate to enroll in this institution. shared a step-by-step guide on using the UG MIS Web student portal on September 9. The portal contains proprietary academic databases that are easily accessible for potential and continuing learners.

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Through the portal, new and continuing learners can now inquire, register, pay fees and access all vital information about their academics. UG fellows can now achieve their academic goals from the comfort of their own homes.

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