Enrollment at the Sacré-Coeur school increased by almost 7% compared to last year


Sacred Heart School Day 1 enrollments for the 2021-22 school year are up 6.93% from last day of school enrollments last year, according to a press release from the school. Classes at the Sacré-Coeur school began on Tuesday, September 7.

The total number of registrations is 509 for Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The total enrollment for K-12 grades is 441, an increase of 5.76% from the last day of school last year.

Enrollment in Grades 7 to 12 is 192, Kindergarten to 6, 249, and 68 in the preschool program.

Like last year, the sixth grade class has seen an increase in enrollment, in part thanks to the school’s partnership with Catholic Schools in Grand Forks, which educates students through to grade five, Jen MacLeod said. Koller, Director of Admissions and Marketing.

“Sixth grade is always a big bump for us,” Koller said. With 16 new sixth graders, “it’s a pretty big leap for us in this year.”

The school has also attracted a higher than usual number of Grand Forks Public School students entering sixth grade at Sacred Heart School, Koller said. “We were all somewhat surprised to see, however small, that the number of Grand Forks Public School students joining us in sixth grade has also increased. ”

The kindergarten class, too, “is a pretty good size” this year, she said, noting that there is a waiting list for that class.

Considering the factors contributing to the increase in enrollment, Koller said, “Families are looking for different enrollment options for their students (who may have) diverse needs. (And some recognize) that the Sacred Heart School is sort of in a unique position to address these needs and concerns, ”she said.

They also enjoy the school’s “family atmosphere”, she said. And, because education is offered from kindergarten to high school, for “many of our families starting with the youngest, one of the reasons they ask us is that they not want to change schools later. They seek to stay in one school and keep all of their children in one place.

Sacred Heart School officials have been tracking enrollment growth since 2013. As of the 2012-13 school year, the school has seen an overall growth of 56.94% in K-12 grades, Koller said.

School enrollment numbers have grown steadily since launching a concerted effort to increase enrollment in 2013, Koller said. This focus has led to improving the quality of programs and referrals of its staff, she said.


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