Google buys Central Saint Giles offices in London for $1 billion


google announced that he bought his Central Saint Giles offices for $1 billion as he continues his investment in the UK. The company said the purchase represents its “continued faith in the office as a place to collaborate and connect in person.” In the coming years, she plans to modernize these offices to adapt to new work trends.

Google said the majority of its UK employees wanted to come into the office once in a while, but they also wanted the option to work from home for part of the week, while others wanted to be totally remote. To meet these needs, Google is upgrading offices with collaboration spaces for in-person teamwork, teampods will be introduced that can be reconfigured to better support focused work, collaboration, or both, and there will be a covered area outside for those who work best in the fresh air.

Outside of its offices, Google recently delivered the Grace Hopper Atlantic cable which improves the resilience of Google services in the UK.

It has also expanded its partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions to help 10,000 job seekers access free scholarships to obtain a Google Careers certificate in various high-demand and high-growth areas such as IT support, data analysis, project management, and UX design.


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