How Downtown Condos Affect D-205 School Enrollment


ELMHURST, IL – It is generally accepted that the recent development of condos and apartments in downtown Elmhurst has little effect on enrollment in the local school district.

As a direct link, this may be true. But an official at Elmhurst School District 205 said last week he had learned from demographic societies that the new developments could have an indirect impact.

“Their observation was that students in large numbers are unlikely to embark on these developments,” board member Jim Collins said at a board meeting. “But what these developments do is allow a homeowner who may have stayed in their house to go and stay in town. And therefore, an increase in housing turnover and therefore attract more housing. ‘students in the neighborhood. “

The district recently heard from demographics companies who were vying to conduct a study on future registrations in the district. Collins said officials asked companies about the impact of new schools on enrollment.

“Pretty much their unanimous response was that if this is a brand new high school, it definitely attracts students. But elementary schools, not so much, ”Collins said. “I thought it was an interesting idea.”

In the summer, the district began construction on a new Lincoln Elementary School. Next year, construction of a new elementary school on the land is expected to begin.

At last week’s meeting, the board of directors unanimously voted to pay Ohio-based Cropper GIS $ 20,000 for a demographic study. He last played one in 2014.

“They were specific. They were definitely right about Nitti’s development and the number of children he was going to produce,” Collins said. “I thought in 2014 they were going to be dead wrong, and they turned out to be dead right.”

The district has more than 8,000 students.


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