Missouri State Graduate School Enrollment Continues to Increase – News


When classes began today (August 19), 20,330 students were enrolled at the Springfield campus of Missouri State University.

Enrollment of graduate students set a new record, increasing 3% from last fall to 3,746.

Students return to the new classification

The State of Missouri begins the school year with a higher classification level in the Carnegie Classification of Higher Education Institutions.

The university has moved from the classification “colleges and universities of master’s degree” to the new classification “doctoral / professional universities”.

The State of Missouri offers the following doctoral programs:

Workforce Development Funding Enables Targeted Growth

Funding from the State of Missouri also enabled the State of Missouri to add mechanical Engineering to his cooperative engineering programs with the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Civil and electrical engineering programs are already offered on the Missouri state campus.

University stays ahead of national and state enrollment trends

Over the past eight years, as college enrollments have fallen more than 9% nationally and more than 11% in Missouri, enrollment in Missouri state in Springfield has increased by more than 17%.

The state of Missouri is the only public university in Missouri to have seen enrollment growth in each of the past five years. The university experienced the strongest total enrollment growth of any public university.

MSU opens courses with enrollment down 4.6%. Contributing factors include:

  • Students are graduating earlier in part due to the decrease in the number of hours required to graduate from 125 to 120.
  • There are a smaller number of continuing students, following the graduation of the largest class ever in May.
  • The number of students graduating from high school is declining this year.
  • Fewer adult students, aged 25 and over, go to university.
  • The number of students attending Missouri Community College has declined by nearly 19%, which shrinks the transfer pool.

“It’s no surprise to us,” said President Clif Smart. “We were aware of the expected decline and planned proactively. We continue to remain focused on long-term enrollment growth and on programs that increase access to high-demand areas. “

Official registration report available September 18

Late registrations will continue on the Springfield campus until August 23. Enrollment in high school dual credit courses and other special courses will continue until early September.

Official entry reports will be based on end-of-day entries on September 16. The reports are expected to be available on September 18.


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