Montana high school students are entitled to 2 free dual-enrollment college classes


Montana high schoolers can jump-start college — for free — with the state’s new “One-Two-Free” dual enrollment program announced this week.

Dual enrollment allows students to take college courses while still enrolled in high school. Dual-enrollment courses are offered onsite at more than 90 high schools in Montana, as well as on campus at Montana University System institutions and online.

The new “One-Two-Free” program offers all eligible high school students the opportunity to take their first two dual-enrollment courses through the Montana University System without paying tuition or fees. The average student will save $1,190 with the One-Two-Free program. Total savings across the Montana university system will exceed $5 million per year.

Many Missoula high school students can now take advantage of this opportunity by taking classes offered at the University of Montana, Missoula College, and Bitterroot College.

“We are thrilled to be part of this program,” said Roger McLean, acting dean of Missoula College. “While we have long been a participant in dual enrollment in Missoula County, allowing students to take their first two classes at no cost will remove barriers to learning and provide a gateway to higher education for many students.”

Jon Harbor, UM’s provost and vice president of academic affairs, said he was happy to see the “One-Two-Free” program in Missoula and hopes it will open the door for many high school administrators and teachers to add dual enrollment classes to their curriculum.

“We want to make sure our pathways to secondary schools are a two-way street,” Harbor said. “Dual enrollment is a great way to give administration and faculty the opportunity to participate in a very different capacity. It’s an excellent program that we want to take full advantage of.

“By removing the cost barrier, we are ensuring that all students in our state are exposed to the opportunities offered by college,” said Montana Governor Steve Bullock. “Dual enrollment makes a difference for students, families, and employers in our state by saving money, streamlining workforce preparation, and encouraging more students to pursue higher education. “

“Student success is the No. 1 priority of the Montana university system, and dual enrollment has proven to be a critical tool in promoting student retention and completion, while reducing the need for post-secondary remediation and reducing the time and cost to earn a degree,” said Clayton. Christian, Higher Education Commissioner of Montana. “We are committed to ensuring that students wishing to start college in high school can benefit from the value of dual enrollment and can do so tuition-free.”

Students have wide options in the type of courses they take. They can choose core courses like math, writing and history, and also explore courses that lead to career options in areas critical to Montana’s economy such as health care, manufacturing , computing, business and education.

In addition to a free early start at college through “One-Two-Free,” students in need of additional financial assistance can request that the cost of additional dual-enrolment courses be waived, which helps ensure that cost is not a barrier to the benefit of dual registration. registration.

In 2013, there were approximately 2,500 double registrations per year. In the 2017-2018 academic year, there were over 6,000 dual enrollments and attendance increased by 1,222 students over the previous year, representing a huge step forward in access early in education.

The statewide “One-Two-Free” program is available this college semester. Students who wish to participate can find more information by visiting


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