New research shows Cambridge international students excel in college courses


WASHINGTON, June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cambridge International, the world’s largest provider of international education programs, has released new data from the soon-to-be-released study, “College Outcomes and After Course Performance at Florida State University (FSU) ”, which shows students who have enrolled in the Cambridge programs are more likely to be successful than their peers who have not studied with Cambridge.

The study assessed student performance to determine whether students receiving credits were successful in their subsequent courses and throughout their college careers. Data shows that the 4-year graduation rate for Cambridge students is much higher than students who enrolled in FSU without credit through advanced high school programs. Only 78% of students enrolled in AUS without credit through advanced high school programs graduate in four years, while 90% of Cambridge enrolled students graduate in four years.

In addition, a higher percentage of Cambridge students earned their bachelor’s degree in four years compared to their peers who earned college credit through other advanced course programs. Eighty-four percent of advanced students enrolled at FSU graduate within four years and 83 percent of International Baccalaureate students enrolled at FSU graduate within four years.

“This research indicates that the Cambridge curriculum does a great job preparing high school students for post-secondary success, ”said John barnhill, Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Florida State University. “The interdisciplinary nature of Cambridge The degree program equips students with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for success in college and in the workforce. ”

In addition, 98 percent of Cambridge students achieved grades in their subsequent FSU courses (grades above C or 2.0 GPA) compared to 91% for the total FSU student cohort. Cambridge students tended to achieve higher marks, especially 73 percent of Cambridge college credit students achieved an A grade in their next course while 49 percent of all students scored an A. While the majority of students succeed in subsequent FSU courses regardless of their preparation, data suggests that Cambridge students may be better prepared for high-level college success.

Main additional conclusions drawn from the ‘College results and course performance after Florida State University“study includes:

  • 93 percent of Hispanic students at Cambridge graduated in four years, compared to 82 percent of Hispanic students who earned credits through other advanced programs.
  • On average, Hispanic students at Cambridge completed their FSU bachelor’s degree in 3.6 years.
  • In six fields (biology, business, English, history, mathematics and psychology), Cambridge students performed well and followed a pattern of high achievement, with a higher proportion of Cambridge students with A grades in all six subjects compared to the control group (all students). For example, Cambridge students achieved an A grade in 65 percent of subsequent biology courses, compared to 45 percent for the test.

Cambridge International introduced its education programs to the United States in 1995, and since then more than 70,000 Florida high school students participated in the Cambridge International program and progressed to a post-secondary institution.

More Florida High school graduates choose to study at public universities with the support of the state’s Bright Futures scholarship and strong policies ensuring that students receive college credit for successfully completing the Cambridge Advanced (A and AS Level) exams. Florida high school students who earn the Cambridge AICE Diploma – a certificate that recognizes strong performance in key areas (math, science, languages, arts and humanities), plus 100 hours of community service, regardless of ACT / SAT score – are automatically eligible to receive the Bright Futures (BF) Academic Scholars Award. This award provides tuition for four years at any college or public university in FL.

Student performance should be evaluated periodically to determine whether students who receive credits are successful in subsequent courses and overall academic careers. These findings on student performance and results for the Cambridge students enrolled in Florida State University (FSU) is the result of a study designed by Cambridge International and Florida State University, is expected to be released in Fall 2021 / Spring 2022.

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