New York Summer School Enrollment Grows Over 200,000


Enrollment in New York City’s Expanded In-Person Summer Enrichment Program for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students has exceeded the previous estimate of 200,000 students, Mayor Bill of Blasio, as schools prepare to focus less on learning gaps and more. on the transition to in-person learning.

The expanded $ 120 million summer camp-style recreational program announced in April is available to all students this year, a break from the traditional practice of requiring summer courses primarily for those who have to retake a failed course. or who need a summer course to graduate or be promoted to the next grade. The program, free for students, should be planned around the fun rather than the loss of learning that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the teachers’ union.

The city’s education ministry said on Monday there was no capacity limit and encouraged more families to enroll in the program, which will launch on July 6.

“It is a response to the consequences of the pandemic,” said de Blasio, “but it is something that we also intend to do in the future.”

The in-person summer program is a prelude to the fall term when New York City ends distance learning, and approximately 582,000 students who have not been inside school buildings since March 2020 will have to return. But the head of the city’s teachers’ union said the summer session will not be used as a forum to prepare for the fall by identifying and addressing the degree of learning loss that the near a million students in the country’s largest school system have experienced during their absence. their classrooms.

Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Teachers’ Federation, which represents approximately 120,000 DOE employees, said the DOE informed the union that the district will focus primarily on social and emotional learning during the summer session, and not on the success gaps.

“We could have done a bit of both, but they are the ones who make the policies,” he said.

Last year, approximately 177,000 students enrolled in DOE’s distance learning program. Of this total, approximately 102,000 were to participate and 27,000 were to participate in 12-month special education programs. The department also recommended that another 48,000 students who were not at risk of repeating a year but needed extra help attend, the agency said.

A year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many schools are only partially open for fear of fueling the spread of the virus. Experts explain what the real risks of the spread of Covid-19 are in schools and how proper checks can change that equation. Illustration: Preston Jessee for The Wall Street Journal

The agency has yet to reveal how many attendees for this year’s summer session are expected to or will participate in special education programs. The DOE does not intend this year to recommend summer courses for students who need additional support, or to reveal how many students may have been invited by their teachers to enroll.

The recommended category was unique to last year, the agency said, because the program was entirely virtual.

“Schools have been in contact with families about student progress throughout this year and are having conversations with parents if they think a student would benefit from participating,” the agency said.

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