Now e-gamers can learn the game as a professional diploma course


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To all electronic gamers, here is great news for all of you. Now, the games you played earlier to pass the time may actually grant you a professional college degree. Yes, you read that right. Some of the selected universities in the US and UK, given the boom in live streaming platforms, have started providing a legitimate esports degree.

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The University of Staffordshire in the UK and Becker College in Massachusetts are two of the many colleges. The former introduced the program the year before and plans to expand into its London schools by this fall. Other universities such as the British University of Chichester, Shenandoah University of Virginia, and Ohio State University are also eager to present this groundbreaking program.

The degree, like any other academic course, has two levels, a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in which students primarily learn marketing and management skills essential for the gaming industry. Students are introduced to the subject via a video game from First-person shooter which they are welcome to use as a medium to test and refine their gaming intellect. Sounds so cool, doesn’t it?

Considering the massive interests of today’s youth associated with these virtual reality games, the global esports market is expected to reach $ 1.1 billion this year, making it one of the top career choices.
It is believed that gaming competitions such as the Free Fire India Today League and others, have played a very important role in pushing the interests of teenagers towards these virtual reality platforms.

Ryan Chapman, an esports student and also online gamer, said his parents were “initially skeptical about studying esports or competitive multiplayer video games, but now they understand just how important the industry is. is growing and how fast it is growing. They now really totally agree because it’s a great industry to start in, “Chapman says.

Gaming challenges and competitions have now become common cultural phenomena among e-gamers. Big esports challenges are staged in colossal arenas where thousands of spectators watch professional video gamers compete for lavish rewards and prizes.

Electronic sports are even slated to be staged as a medal event at the Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines in November. So, all e gamers, what are you waiting for? Here is your dream come true. Hurry, don’t miss this golden chance to transform the world with your virtual reality.


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