Portland Public School Enrollment and Curriculum Balancing Recommendation


As we begin 2021, we want to keep you updated on the work that has gone into the program registration and balancing process. On December 17, the Coalition of South East Guides (SEGC) held the final Phase 1 work meeting which focused on college grades and finalized its recommendations.

These recommendations will be presented by Assistant Superintendent Claire Hertz to the Board of Education at its January 12 meeting. The recommendations include an attendance limit and an assignment to the double immersion program for Kellogg Middle School, which is slated to reopen in fall 2021. Among the key points:

  • Neighborhood programs at Arleta, Marysville and Loaned will move from their current K-8 (K-8) structure to a K-5 (K-5) structure. Students in Grades 6-8 at these schools will move to Kellogg Middle School starting in the 2021-22 school year. The K-5 programs at these schools will become nurturing elementary schools for Kellogg.
  • Spanish Language Immersion (DLI) programs at Loaned and bridge operator will go from K-8 to K-5. Students in Grades 6-8 of these programs will transfer to the Kellogg DLI program from 2021-2022. K-5 programs will power Kellogg.
  • The Spanish DLI program at Tambourine Middle School will move to Kellogg in 2021-2022.

Following the presentation of these recommendations to the Board of Education, the SEGC will meet, if necessary, on January 14 to respond to any requests from the Board. Council will then vote on whether or not to approve the recommendations at its January 26 meeting.

Several existing listing and feeding models in Southeast Portland will remain in place in 2021-2022. Changes for these schools and programs will be undertaken in Phase 2 of the SEGC work which will begin in February and will focus on the PK-5 power models. The scope of phase 2 will include:

  • Harrison Park K-8, which will be converted to a college in 2022, and Creston K-8, which will convert to K-5 in 2022.
  • Atkinson Elementary feeding course, which will continue to be assigned to Mt. Tabor Middle School in 2021-2022.
  • All K-5 attendance limits, as well as K-5 DLI program locations and configurations, will be considered – but please note that they will remain unchanged for 2021-2022.

Because Creston will remain a K-8 until 2022, SEGC has requested that district officials make a targeted effort to support Creston’s 6-8 students to ensure a solid experience until its college location is established in 2022. In addition, SEGC noted that the move bridge operatorThe school’s 6-8 DLI Spanish program in Kellogg in fall 2021 will require the school’s 6-8 neighborhood program to be temporarily relocated as it will be too small to stand on its own. Coalition members have suggested Harrison Park K-8 and Kellogg as possible short-term locations for Bridger 6-8 students. They asked PPS to engage with families at Bridger College to find a solution.

A complete archive of SEGC meeting notes, presentations, meeting videos and links to provide feedback are available on the PPS Program Enrollment and Balancing Website. You can also give your opinion via the SEGC Community Feedback Form.

Thank you.

This press release was produced by Portland Public Schools. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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