IR COVID-19 vaccine, testing strategy moving to doctor’s offices


RHODE ISLAND — With the evolving state of the coronavirus pandemic, Rhode Island state health officials said they are moving state-run testing and vaccinations to doctors’ offices and traditional health care partners.

State health officials said the change comes as COVID-19 becomes a “manageable endemic disease.”

COVID-19 services, like testing and vaccination, are now widely available through multiple accessible channels, the same way services for other endemic diseases are made available to the public, according to the Rhode Island Department of Health. .

“Moving these resources into our existing public health infrastructure means COVID-19 causes less disruption to daily life, and ongoing COVID-19 vaccination and testing efforts can be managed by our provider partners who traditionally offer these services to Rhode Islanders, said Acting Director of Health James McDonald. “While this is an important step towards managing COVID-19 as an endemic disease, it is still important to stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines for the best protection. Now you can easily do this at your doctor’s office or pharmacy, as you would for the flu.

Immunization Resources

State-run COVID-19 Community Immunization Clinics and Home Immunization Services will be available through June 30. such as retail pharmacies and

If there is an increase in demand for the COVID-19 vaccine that Rhode Island’s traditional health care infrastructure cannot support, state health officials have said they are ready to reopen state-supported vaccination sites.

Testing Resources

Pending a final assessment of public health conditions later this month, testing will shift from state-run COVID-19 testing sites to traditional healthcare channels and self-testing options on July 1. . Health officials have said the state is prepared to reopen some mass testing sites for symptomatic people if community levels of COVID-19 are high. If most of the state is designated by the CDC as being at a “high” community level at the end of the month, sites will remain open until community levels return to a medium level.


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